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Al-Abrak Al-Kuwaitia General Trading and Contracting, founded in 1992 with core competencies in civil engineering and infrastructure, project management and maintenance, heavy machinery, and electromechanical, is the parent company of Al-Abrak International Power Systems Co. (aips), the company's flagship subsidiary. With its brand ABRAK, aips is one of the major suppliers of standard and custom-built diesel/Gas generators, marine engines, and marine generators in Kuwait. This is made possible by the company's 100 years of experience in the design, production, and quality of French engine manufacturer Baudouin, as well as its coupling with the best Italian Lenz Alternators and the best electric rotating machines.


Power Generation

Baudouin’s full range of PowerKit products spans 15 – 3125 kVA, one of the most comprehensive ranges available on the market today. All ratings are based on operating conditions under ISO 8528-1, ISO 3046, and DIN6271. Performance.


100 Years of experience in design, manufacturing, support, and quality goes into every PowerKit. You can expect reliability, durability, the excellent total cost of ownership, and European quality from Baudouin PowerKit products.


Baudouin Power Generation engines are designed for the most demanding eventualities. Baudouin’s product portfolio includes engines for standby power, which provides reliable start-ability and dependable backup high-effect power where and when needed. Also, Baudouin’s prime power engines provide constant, dependable power for all operations. Excelling in durability and reliability, clients can rest assured that their business is running at full capacity.


Oil & Gas Power Generation

Baudouin Engine, reliable, high-performance diesel engines, and generator sets are specially designed to meet the high demands and extreme conditions found offshore and onshore in the oil and gas industry, particularly in areas where safety is the top priority.



Baudouin marine propulsion engines are recognized worldwide for their quality, durability, and reliability. Baudouin’s products comply with the latest marine and inland shipping environmental standards. Baudouin engines are designed specifically for marine applications and optimized for easy and cost-effective maintenance. Baudouin offers a wide range of marine generator sets for use under extreme marine conditions. Baudouin’s wide range of marine products offers you a one-stop shop for marine power and control solutions.

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